12 Jun
Last night I finally finished the search engine, operators such as AND or OR now actually have an effect, also multiple keywords are allowed.

Also in the footer I\\\'ve added several \\\'latest\\\' feeds, including the most searched keywords and most popular posts.

The next update will hopefully be titled completion and should pop up some time tomorrow.

9 Jun
On my way.
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As you can see the layout Is nearly complete, the skeleton has been completed now I just need to fill It with content.

The next few posts will be status updates rather then resources, but within the next week or so (I'm aiming for this weekend) everything should be completed.

As for a little breakthrough, I've recoded the layout, entirely with Div's, although the table version worked fine, and was actually rather cross browser friendly, I decided It would be easier to maintain this way.

Also, those who are sporting CSS3 capable browsers, look out for some nifty stuff.